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Hello! My name is Manu and I am a Coffeelover!

Once upon a time, I used to treat myself to a cup of coffee occasionally and only in good company. It never occurred to me to drink a coffee on my own. 


Then in 2018, I was asked to take a closer look at coffee as part of my job and suddenly a new world with many exciting facets, stories and people opened up for me. I love experimenting with different preparation methods and coffee from various growing regions. I can't give a clear answer to the question of which is my favourite coffee or which country of cultivation I prefer. I certainly have a clear idea of the requirements. But within this framework, I basically want to remain open and try as much as possible. Every cup is a surprise, so to speak.


I am very grateful for what I have learnt and experienced over the last few years. With manubrews, I want to make my contribution to the community by sharing my experiences and coffee knowledge with you. You can find out more about me in my first blog.

  • SCA Barista Professional

  • SCA Barista Intermediate

  • SCA Sensory Intermediate

  • SCA Brewing Intermediate

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